Scaling a Startup is challenging

we can help you Navigate the Climb


Our Mission

We are a team of entrepreneurs and operators, we appreciate what it means to start a business and scale, because we live the same day-to-day hurdles entrepreneurs do.  We welcome the new kids, the hustlers, the risk-takers, the visionaries, the alpha geeks, the pioneers, the innovators; in short, the women and men whose ideas will reverberate well beyond the digital community.


Formerly Galvanize Ventures, Upslope Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in startups across the country.  We believe exceptional teams can originate from any location.  We provide more than capital and introductions.  By leveraging our network we aim to empower entrepreneurs with the resources they need to have their best chance at success - even if we don’t invest.



Total Investments

We invest in all catagories, some of which are: SaaS, Hardware/IOT, Mobile, AI, Consumer, E-Commerce, Content, FinTech, Aerospace, Marketplace, AdTech, Robotics, Medical Device, Virtual Reality, and Data Science.


Markets Represented

Our investments are geographically varied, hailing from Austin, Boulder, Boston, Denver, Los Angels, New York, Ontario, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. 


of our Founders are Women

We believe diverse teams are the key to successful businesses and are proud to invest in founders from unique backgrounds looking for creative solutions to market challenges.  


Active Investments


Previous Investments



"The Upslope team has been an amazing partner, especially when it comes to finding new talent.  When we needed data scientists their network made all the difference.  It also doesn't hurt that everyone on the Upslope team is genuinely great to work with."

JAMES Norman | Founder PILOTLY